What is Lakeland Tees?

Lakeland tees is home of Lakeland’s favorite t shirt design and printing company. The company was started by myself, Brandan Ritchey, and my wife, Dana Ritchey. We exist to help the residents of Lakeland rep the city they love with shirts and apparel that they’d actually want to wear. 


Dana grew up in the city of Lakeland and has always had a big heart for the beautiful city. When I moved to Lakeland, after marrying Dana, I was star struck by the beautiful lakes, the wonderful local businesses, and most importantly, the people. 


After moving to Lakeland, we were wanting to purchase some cool Lakeland t shirts to rep our new home town. We found a few t shirt designs at Scout and Tag, a local store in downtown Lakeland. The shirts were fine for the moment, but I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find shirt designs that were actually well designed and printed on comfortable shirts. It seemed like nearly every shirt we found was either comfortable with an ugly print, or uncomfortable with a trendy print.


“Why does it seem like we have to compromise on either style or comfort?” I remember asking myself.


That’s when I had the idea… why not design and print my own shirt? After all, I’m a professional graphic designer and am also the business owner of Brandan Ritchey Creative, a graphic and website design company here in Lakeland, Florida. I could design my own shirt, and then print it using a company like Custom Ink or Teespring.


So, that’s what I did. However, I knew I didn’t just want to get an old poor quality t shirt. I wanted to find a HIGH QUALITY shirt material that was comfy to wear. I went online to websites like Jiffy Shirts and ordered shirt samples until I found a blank shirt that was premium and comfortable. I printed my first Lakeland Tees design and loved it. After wearing it around town and receiving compliments and having people ask me where I got my Lakeland Tee, I knew I was on to something.  


Time went on until we finally nailed down our own custom t shirt design and t shirt printing processes here in Lakeland. Now, we’re proudly serving the wonderful residents of Lakeland, Florida at a great scale, while holding firm to the quality of our t shirt design and printing

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